2022 KSSM F4 Chemistry Online Lesson (Complete syllabus)

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This online learning platform will show you the road map and step-by-step guidance on how to score well in Chemistry subject. In General: Structured Lessons + Suitable Examples + SPM Format Exercise + A little Hardwork from YOU = Good Understanding

Course Curriculum
F4 Chapter 2: Atomic Structure
F4 Chapter 3: Mole Concept, Chemical Formulae and Equations
F4 Chapter 4: Periodic Table of Elements
F4 Chapter 5: Chemical Bonding
F4 Chapter 6: Acids, Bases, and Salts Part 1
F4 Chapter 7: Rate of Reaction
F4 Chapter 8: Manufactured Substances in Industry
[BONUS] Intensive Revision Module SBP 2019


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This notebook is written by the Chemistry Specialists, Mr. Martin and Ms. Su, based on the latest Form 4 Chemistry KSSM syllabus to help students save time and revise more efficiently. The notes given are simplified for the ease of student's understanding. This book would help students get a better grasp of the topic in Chemistry and definitely be helpful for students revising for the examinations.

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