[BUNDLE] KSSM FORM 4 & 5 Physics Complete Syllabus

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This course will guide you through the entire KSSM syllabus with a focus on accurate answering techniques for SPM. The course will highlight the important and popular areas of the chapter to prepare you well for exams!

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--2023 KSSM Form 5 Physics Complete Syllabus--

--2023 Form 4 KSSM Physics Complete Syllabus--


12 months + 12 months = 24 months

After purchasing the Chemistry bundle, the validity will be counted as 24 months from the date of purchase. The bundle e-course, which includes the complete Form 4 and Form 5 syllabus, is priced at RM 600. We understand that some may not be able to pay the full amount upfront, so we offer the flexibility of splitting the payment into 10 installments (RM 60 / month). Also, we would like to clarify that the full price of RM 600 is for the entire content of the SPM Form 4 and Form 5 syllabus, the length of validity is an additional privilege.

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